1915 Fairbanks By Vega Plectrum Banjo
Refinished By Myself to a brown Maple. The Resonator is Birds Eye Maple. This started out as an Open Back Plectrum.
Modifications: Ebony arm rest, painted star on peg head, "Fairbanks" name placed on front of rim stick, initials on back of peg head, silver internal resonator and wooden resonator. Also a clear lacquer finish.
The internal resonator is stamped "Sheffield, reproduction 58, Forbes Electro Plate Co." It is silver plated and is made to mount on the back of the rim stick, with a screw.
There is no Flange, but the banjo sounds very "Bright" I've also changed the tail piece to a "Kerschner reproduction 5 string tailpiece.
This banjo uses a "Tubaphone" tone ring, a maple shell and has "Tortoise Shell" edge binding inside and out.
This is the information stamped into the silverplated resonator. If you know of any information about this Internal Resonator (date made, location, Etc.) Please contact me at: Info@banjoseen.com
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Serial Number 31902
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Hear me play "The Bells Of St. Mary's" with My 1915 Fairbanks by Vega.
Purchased on 05/13/1993
UPDATE:Completed customizing Here!
UPDATE: the last S/N for 1915 was 32200 according to Michael Holmes. That would put my s/n at 298 before the last known banjo made in 1915. I think its safe to say Vega made at least 300 banjos that year.