1998 Ome Silver Monarch Plectrum Banjo
Chocolate brown finish.
Fiddle back maple neck.
Ebony fret board with "Mother of Pearl" and "Abalone" inlays.
Ivoroid binding on neck.
All chrome plated, inside and out. The resonator has Ivoroid edge banding. the bridge is 5/8" maple and ebony with bone inserts.
Inside of "Shell" is also finished in Brown and chrome
Beautiful Chocolate brown fiddle back maple resonator.
Without resonator.
Coordinator rods.
Finger style "Tail" piece and a chrome plated tone enhancer.
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Me Playing: "Over The Rainbow" with my Ome. Real player needed to hear this.
Purchased On 12/07/1998
Sold 06/17/2006 Removing pictures soon.