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Dale Small, B&D #9. 11 1/2" Head, Plectrum banjo. It was a special order for Mr. Jim Clarke. Owner: Ruedi Bleuer, From: Switzerland. For questions about this Banjo, Click Owners name to e-mail. Click on pictures to see larger view!
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Silverbell #1. Serial Number 11033
probably built autumn 1923. It´s the early model with "round hole flange" and ventilated tonering. Owner: Anders Wasén From: Sweden
Paramount "C" tenor Banjo, circa 1920s, wonderful tone, an easy and well played banjo! Owner: Bill Ward  From: Alaska, USA
Stromberg-Voisinet, Tenor. Owner: Nancy Peterson, Randolph, NY. Click picture for larger view!
Left & Middle:1966 Baldwin Tenor Style D. Right:1932 Vega Moderne Tenor. Owner: Jack Maddox. From Auckland, New Zealand. Click on "Moderne" Picture for larger view!
Stromberg Deluxe. Owner: Vincent Mondello , Banjo Luthier, Restorations, and Sales
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