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David W. Littlefeild with his B & D Silver Bell style Banjo Made by Dale Small. Here he's using his "Dixieland Fake Book" while on a gig.
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Johnny Fellows with his B&D Sultana Silver Bell. From: Carson, Ca. USA
Jan Canters With his B& D Style #9, Made by Dale Small. From the Netherlands
French made 20 fret Tenor banjo, Circa 1930-1940. Owner: Alan Morizur, France
Bacon & Day, 1937 #1 Montana Silver Bell Special Tenor. Owner: John Packham, Unanderra Australia
Circa 1975 Ibanez Artist 591 TB. Owner:  John van Almkerk. From  Breda Netherlands .
Circa 1960 Bacon Ne Plus Ultra #6 Silver Bell by Gretsch. Owner: Vic, Philadelphia, PA.
Paramount Style F maybe one of the first, if not "the" first made. Owner: Jim Marsh, British Columbia