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Another Banjo Ukulele ready for rehabilitation. Circa 1920-30's?
So far I've only cleaned the wood and metal parts. I kept the wooden uke I'm working on in the picture just for size comparison. I'll replace the old skin head with a nice new thin calf skin 7" head. It also has nice MOP dots in fret board.
Here is the back--It's an open back Buke
Just a view of the side
Inside the pot--looks nice all cleaned up!
I've replaced the Tail Piece, All 4 Tuning Pegs, made a Maple Bridge, and replaced all hooks & nuts.
This rim stick has a slot where a wedge was used to keep the neck tight, but hardware was purchased somewhere in it's life, that replaces the wedge much better. Also, there is a ring of about 1/4"thick solid steel sitting on top of the rim as a tone ring .
Visit my "Building a Ukulele" page, where I'm building a semi pre built solid wood uke Kit!
Take a look at Banjo uke #1
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter Playing this banjo uke.
Also replaced the head and drew Betty Boop--just to give it some style!