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Banjo Uke #3 Project
This one needs some Neck work.
You can see the peg head was tapered when shaped.
It looks like the right side of the heel was sanded more then the left--You can't see it so much in these pictures, but when looking at the side of the neck it's easy to see.
The stick was glued in with the hole up--so I removed it and set it right--not glued yet.
Nice hollow brass tone ring. No fret board, frets will be replaced if I decide to use this neck.
This is the nicest part of the whole banjo uke, and the very reason I bought it! Very nice tiger stripe maple arched, solid wood back. I think unusual because it's glued to the rim!
Rim construction appears to be very good and solid. I'm sure the outside of the rim was striped, but no varnish.
Overall, the 8" pot assembly is pretty good. Also, the skin head is in good shape, only yellowed.
This is the only mark on the entire banjo uke. This is inside the tension hoop.
My overall opinion is; this is a well built banjo uke--but--maybe the neck is not original, or modified by a previous owner. I'm deciding whether to make a completely new neck or add some maple wood to this neck and make it right?
Any info on this or similar looking banjo ukes would be welcome. Please e-mail here
First thing to do is add some maple wood on the side of the heel that was sanded away.
Next; install a finger board overlay , peg head overlay, and heel cap. I've used some Brazilian Rosewood veneer, I had laying around, for both the peg head and finger board.
Ivoriod binding installed.
Then I routed a channel for binding completely around the neck--which includes the peg head. This neck is made of Poplar wood.
Just refinish the resonator and rim.

Semi finished! I've applied a finish, installed a Black Skin Head, and installed all frets.

Still need to make a new nut, Bridge, get new Hooks & Nuts, New Tail Piece, Tuning pegs, and new Strings.

Just about finished!
Colored ink drawing on a fine 8" calf skin Head.
Need to trim all the hooks and tail piece bolt, and finish shaping the nut.

It Plays as good as it looks! Not bad for a fixer upper! Listen To;

It's A Sin To Tell A Lie!

The End.
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