Bacon & Day  Silver Bell No 6 NE-PLUS Ultra. Owner: Bob Irwin. From Canada
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Silver Bell Tenor. This replica was built around a restored Bacon & Day Neck. Owner: Anders Wasen. From: Sweden
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1925 Gibson Mastertone Ball Bearing. Owner: John Taber. From Puyaliup, Washington

Banjos Around The World Page 1

Aria Tenor Deluxe Banjo. Owner: Henrik. From Frankfurt Am Main, Germany.
Bacon & Day Montana #3 Owner: Brantly Cox. From Columbia, South CarolinaAnder's Banjo
1934 Ultra Deluxe Vega Vox Plectrum reproduction, built on S/N 93702. Owner: Garry Kerr. From Concord, California
Left: Bacon A1 Blue Ribbon Tenor1923. Right: Clareen Elite Banjola 8 String Tenor. Made by: Tom Cussen. Clarinbridge, County Galway, Ireland. Owner: Phil Gregg. From Rugby, England
Circa 1930 Melody Jo Piccolo Tenor Banjo. Made by George Houghton & Sons, Great Britain. Owner: Steve McCleskey. From Wauconda, Ill. Banjo size: 24inches by 10 inches. Tuned CGDA one octive up from full size Tenor
Clifford Essex Paragon Tenor. Circa Early 1920's. Owner: Kevin Scott. From England
Amena Plectrum. Owner: Rob Dick From Adelaide, Australia