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Anyone can post banjo events, meetings, lost banjos/ found banjos, ask for help identifying banjos (with pictures), Etc. Here, at no cost (Free), submit info to: Submit Information
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Help Identify these Instruments
1.  5 String Banjo
2.  4 String Banjo1
3. 4 string banjo2
4. Cox Fourstring
5.  Unknown Guitar
updated 07/1/2006
This exciting limited edition of 250 is the first in a series called "Musicians". "Banjoman" was modeled after my uncle, who holds a special place in my heart. Listen carefully - can you hear the happy chords & joyful melodies?! "Banjoman" will steal your heart ! "Banjoman" was created in hydrostone, a mixture of plaster and crushed stone, and finished with a bronze patina. The end result is a piece that looks and feels like bronze. The dimensions are approximately 9" x 12".  Includes wire for hanging, or you can display the piece on an easel.  Please write  for more info.
6. 4 String Banjo 3
7. Five string Banjo-2