Plectrum Chord Melody 101
Below is "Camptown Races In An Old Time Style, Key of "C". Notice that all the Chord Formations are color coded to match the Chord Inversion it was made from. Each Chord has the name of the Chord above it. Some will have a note and a + and another note (C+D) the First note is the Chord name and the second is an added note. You can see that the Fourth Chord over "dies"is a "V" C Major Chord Inversion and it has a "G" note on the first string. The next chord is the same Chord with an "A" note added. If you look at all of the Chords you can see how a Chord melody is made. When you use most Fake books or lead sheets, they will have the basic Chord changes above the staff. These Basic Chords tell you what inversion groups to use. All of the "C" chords have"C" Chord inversions and all of the "G7" Chords have "G7" Chord inversions and all the "F" Chords have "F" Chord inversions. You simply use inversions as is, or change the first string melody note to fit the Note on the staff, of the song.
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Here's blank music staff with Chord fingering charts.
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