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Notice that again, each Chord has the Chord name note followed with a "+" and another Note. This is to show why an Inversion is used. A "I" position "F" Major Chord is an "F" Chord Inversion, but I've shown it as: F+F, to show that it is an "F" Chord with an "F" Melody note. Also you'll see a "VII" C7 where the 1st string note was changed to make the Melody note needed. If you look at the Plectrum "Complete Neck Inversions" Charts, you'll find in the site index, you will see that each Chord on the song matches the color of the corresponding Chord in it's Inversions Chart.
Changing "Camptown Races" From the Key of "C" into the Key of "F"
Looking at the Scales chart above, we see the "C" scale is above the "F scale. Notice that each note of the "C" scale lines up with notes of the "F" scale below it ( C=F, D=G, E=A, F=Bb, G=C, A=D, B=E ). Also note that all "B" notes in the "F"scale are Flatted. If you look at this song in the "C" scale and compare it to how it is in the "F" scale, you can see that each note of the "C" scale has been replaced with the corresponding note of the "F" scale. Now all of the Chords for the Key of "F" are made from the "F", "C7", and "Bb" Chord Inversions.
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