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Here are two of Eddie's Great recordings so that anyone interested in this Great Entertainer might have an opportunity to hear what I view as perfect examples of his Vast Technical and Performing Skills. Second to None!
Play: St Louis Blues Circa 1955
Play: La Paloma Circa Late 1920's
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All Recordings on this page are offered for Educational purposes Only. To further the study of showmanship and the Banjo.
Just a few of Eddie's albums recorded on the "Dot" label.
Circa 1955
Eddie recorded on the "Dot" label. This recording company no longer exists. Click on the "Dot" label to read the "Dot Record Story " and Discography.
DLP-3459-How To Play Banjo-Eddie Peabody (1962)--Volume 1
DLP-3590 - How To Play Banjo - Eddie Peabody [1965]--Volume 2
Eddie Made Two Plectrum Banjo Instruction Records. Volume 1 and Volume 2. Here are Real Media files of Volume 2, sides 1 and 2. The record has scratches and other defects but I think that gives character to these Vintage recordings. This record was made some time in 1965 Here are some of the Song sheets from Eddie's How to play the Plectrum banjo volume 2 in .pdf file
Play: "How to play the plectrum banjo" side 1
Play: "How to play the plectrum banjo" side 2.
Play: Side 1.
Play: Side 2.
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Play: Side 1.
Play: Side 2.
Eddie invented the "Banjoline". Picture Courtesy of: Michael Hofer.
Take a Trip Down Memory Lane!
Eddie Peabody Playing: St. Louis Blues
From "Hollywood On Parade" 1932
Eddie Peabody Playing: "Sweet Sue" & "Tiger Rag" "Circa 1940's"
Play: Painting the Clouds with Sunshine!
Did you know Eddie was a singer? He sang in many of his early recordings! Here's one from 1929, A very optimistic song to bring the listener's spirits up! Maybe you've heard what happened back in 1929, in the USA? If Not, Go Here!
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Do you Have a true story about Eddie Peabody? Send it to me I would like to publish it here on the E. P. Tribute page! I have, in the past few years, received "Guest Book" additions with stories about Eddie, but the guestbooks crashed and I lost them all. Now I will post any stories on my site, so that I don't lose them. Thanks in advance, Bill