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Banjo Lesson 2

In this lesson we will learn 2 new chords: E7 and Am, and play "Waltzing Matilda" in 4/4 time. As an added attraction I will offer the complete sheet music for Plectrum and Tenor banjo that will include the "TAB" for the single string lead.

By this time I hope you might consider buying one or two song books with chord symbols and learning songs with new chords. Remember I have posted Beginners Plectrum banjo chords Here and Tenor chords Here Please take the time to down load them and print them.

Below are the two new chords needed to play Waltzing Matilda. Listen to the audio files and practice until you can play all previous chords, along with these new chords, smoothly.
Plectrum Tune up
Sunny likes to add her two cents whenever she can!
Plectrum E7 Chord
Plectrum Am Chord
When you can play all seven chords from the first two lessons smoothly, go to the next page!