Banjo Lesson # 4
This lesson will be about Right hand "ARPEGGIO" strokes using a flat pick. This style may be played on any banjo.

1. Single string arpeggio style stroke. For this style you will pick in order; 3rd, 2nd, 1st strings with a DOWN stroke each, then again, the 1st string with an UP stroke. Total of 4 strokes.

Listen to the audio file. Now try it out. practice this while holding any chord you like, until you feel comfortable doing it, Then, try playing it while changing from one chord to another. It doesn't matter which chords you use. Pick chords that you find are easy for you. I'm using the"C" chord near the nut on my 1915 Fairbanks by Vega, Tu-ba-phone Plectrum Banjo with a calf skin banjo head. Tuned CGBD..

2. Now add chords. I'm using "C" "F" and "G" chords. Practice until you can play up to tempo, as I do.
3. Arpeggio song. This is how it will all come together when playing a solo style song.
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This is just another way to enjoy playing your banjo. With some practice time you will be amazed at the great fun you'll have putting this style to use! ...Bill
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