Banjo Lesson #5
This lesson is about playing Triplets as used with chords, and a flat pick. Triplets may be played on any Banjo
1. Triplets. Listen to this audio of chord triplets. I've played the "F" chord for this example. First stroke all strings DOWN, then UP, then DOWN. That is one Triplet. Start over and stroke all strings DOWN, then UP ,then DOWN--Then stroke all strings UP, then DOWN, then UP --Then stroke all strings DOWN, then UP, then DOWN. That was 3 triplets. Now you can see that 3 triplets is; (Down, UP, Down)-(Up, Down, UP)-(Down, Up, Down). Now practice playing three sets of triplets
2. Triplets with chord changes. Listen to the triplets played while changing from C to F to G and back to C chords . Practice this until you can play triplets without losing track of the up and down strokes.
3.Triplets within a song. Listen to the Triplets I'm playing within the song "Bye, Bye, Blues" As you can hear, the Triplets give more interest to any song. Practice playing triplets within songs that you know--and have fun playing!
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