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Making a Tenor Banjo From Scratch Page 2
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Surface planing Rim Material.
Drilling a starting hole for the scroll saw to cut out the inside circumference of the Rim.
Removing the center of the Rim with the scroll saw.
Gluing up the three rings to make the Rim. Did I mention, you can NEVER have to many Clamps!
Here's the Rim with the clamps taken off. While the glue dries even longer I can make up the Lathe face plate backing board and attach the rim to it, in order to turn it true and cut in for the Tone Ring.
Here the rough cut Rim is attached to the 3/4" plywood lathe face plate. A piece of brown paper bag is cut and glued between the plywood 11" face plate and the Rim. This allows me to turn the Rim and still separate the Rim from the plywood face plate when complete.
Beginning to turn the Rim True and to closer size. It's been quite some time since I've done any wood turning! Hope it all comes back.
Here's the Rim and Neck completed thus far. The Rim has been machined on the wood lathe as much as practical until I have the new Tone ring to fit it up with. For now the Rim will rest, still attached to the lathe face plate, until it's time to fit the new "Tubaphone" Tone Ring. In the meantime, I've started final shaping of the Tenor Neck.
Here are the cuts in the top of the Rim for the Tubaphone Tone Ring. Remember all wood turning was done with hand chisels on a Wood Lathe. Not with screw fed knives on a Machine Lathe. At this point I have parted the Rim from the Lathe face plate and it's at the finished size of 2 1/8" deep x 3/4" thick x 11" in Diameter.
Here's the upside down, inside of Rim showing the Tone Ring. I've used the router to round over the bottom of the Rim--inside and out.
Here's the Tubaphone Tone Ring just sitting on the Rim, with the Tension Band resting at the bottom.
This is the outside of the Rim showing the spun sleeve of the Tone Ring. At this point I need to drill all the shoe bracket bolt holes around the Rim. I'll use the Tension Hoop for the correct horizontal locations of the holes.
This is my home made Super-Duper, Handy-Dandy, Circle center finding Jig! This is used to find the exact center line for the Coordinator Rods, Rim hole locations.
Drilling Holes for Shoe Brackets using drill press jig.
Installed all Shoe Brackets, Hooks, and Nuts from Rim hardware installed for trial fit. Also, new smooth white Head.
Inside view showing new Tuba-A-Phone style tone ring and Tension band from Bill Rickard
Closer inside view.
Good shot of the Tub-A-Phone style tone ring.
Drilling Coordinator Rod Holes on Drill Press
Coordinator Rods installed
Neck Lag Bolt Ends of Coordinator Rods.
Tail piece end Of Coordinator Rods.
Rim stained and finished. Now adding Shoe Brackets. I applied "Tru-Oil" wood finish. About 8 coats with wet sanding after the 5th coat.
All Shoe Brackets installed.
All Metal parts installed on finished Rim.
Inside view of finished Rim.
Now it's time to Finish the final shaping, install all inlays, Binding, and Frets on the neck.