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Finished Open Back Tenor Banjo from scratch!

I've posted a parts list with my costs to make this banjo, as pictured, at the bottom of this page.


All pictures were taken using my "Chroma Key" Background. Using flash with no fill light.

Click here to see preliminary pictures of Resonator with Flanges!
I've made a "Truss Rod" hole cover using Maple Burl veneer.

Parts cost list.

Tubaphone tone ring and Tension rim= $175.50

Shoe brackets= $47.52

Hooks&Nuts= $40.08

Co-ordinator rods= $25.95

Tail piece bracket= $2.97

M.O.P. inlay= $50.00 Fantastic bargain!

Pre-cut Ebony finger board= $27.50

Bone nut= $5.00

Smooth white Banjo head= $14.50

Birds Eye Maple dimensional wood= $60.00 for 10 board ft. Used approximately 6 board ft.

Walnut dimensional wood= $102.00 for 20 board ft. Used approximately1 board ft.

Walnut and Maple Veneers? Purchased too many years ago to remember!

Finish= $10.00

Sandpaper, glue, electric, and miscellaneous?

Tuners= $63.70

Tail Piece= Already had.

Arm rest= Already had.

Total= $503.72 + Shipping from different sources--a guess= $40.00

Grand Total= $543.72 If I didn't forget anything!

I doubt that I could buy any banjo as good as this one for less then $1500.00! That's a conservative guess.

Check out my semi finished resonator and flanges for this banjo, Click here!