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Plectrum Banjo Solos
Please Note! These Plectrum Banjo Solos Are For Instructional & Learning Purposes Only.
Unless Otherwise Stated, All Solos Are For Standard Plectrum Banjo Tuning: CGBD
All Files are in PDF Format.
How to read the chord position graphs & Tab: click here
Plectrum Banjo Beginner Solos

Sleep Walk/Tenor Tab

Sleep Walk/ Plectrum Tab

Play along Audio

I have worked out these solos for anyone to use as a practice tool in order to gain experience playing all over their banjos fretboard. The chords used are picked by me and are not written in stone! If you feel that one or more chords should be changed to make the solo sound better to you, please do so! Transposing into a different Key may also sound better to you? Also sometimes playing single notes would suit you better. Please try that also! You can find Plectrum banjo scales here. Also I recommend Chord Wizard software.
Plectrum Banjo Intermediate & Advanced Solos

Backup mp3 Me Playing

New Jingle Bell Rock    
  Musiease.chd file for plectrum banjo. Note! This has many chord shapes, but not all. You will need to add, change or delete some. This file will only work with Musiease
All of these solos were made using Musicease software. I think it is the easiest music notation software to use for Plectrum Banjo solos. I recommend it! Also, I recommend buying solos from the people listed here. Or, if you want to do-it-yourself, buy sheet music and fake books for the type of music you like and make your own arrangements like I do.