How-To: Remove and measure for a replacement Banjo Head
A General Three Page Guide!
The First thing to do is remove the "Resonator". Then remove the "Strings". Now remove the "Tail Piece". This one was held in place with a "Bolt" through the hole at the end of the "Rim Stick Bolt" as shown. If your "Arm Rest" is not part of the "Hooks" (like this one), remove it also.
Next: Remove the "Rim Stick" Bolt. As shown.
Next: remove the "Rim Stick" hardware, as shown. Note: this consists of a "Pin" through the "Rim Stick", near the "Neck", as shown. A "wedge piece"and a "Adjustment Bracket" As shown sitting on top of the "Rim Stick" after removal. To remove all this hardware: just loosen the bolt in the "Adjustment Bracket" and all hardware will become loose enough to remove with your fingers.
Now: Pull the "Neck" out of the "Shell"
Turn the "Pot Assembly" Upside-Down. Proceed to loosen the "Hook Nuts" (I use two wrenches). Start where the "Neck" connects and go around. Start with #1 then the opposite #14(if you have 28 hooks), #12 (if you have 24 hooks). Then #2 and #15 then #3 and #16 and so forth all around the "Pot Assembly. Note! Turn the nuts only a 1/4 or 1/2 turn each, untill you reach the end. then start over again. Follow this procedure until all the hooks are loose enough to remove the "Tension Band". Continued....
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I'm using my 1915 "Fairbanks by Vega" with Tubaphone tone ring, for this Guide.
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