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Scroll Saw Projects I've Made
The Cavalier Clock. Made with: Alder, Soft Maple(Red) and Walnut.
The Gothic Wall Clock. Made with Birch Plywood.
The Sherwood Mantle Clock. Made with Hickory, Oak, Birds Eye Maple, Mahogany and Basswood. With Red Oak Shelf.
Small Wind Mill Desk Clock. Made with Black Cherry
The Apostile Mantle Clock. Made with Birch Plywood
The Worthington Wall Clock. Made with Black Walnut
Blue Bird Wall Shelf. Made with Alder and Color Stained.
The Man in the Moon Wall Shelf. Made with Birch Plywood
Black Walnut Wall Shelf.
Oak Wall Plaque.
German Scene Wall Shelf. Made with Black Walnut
Dragon Wall Plaque. made with Stained Oak with Black Lacquer back ground.
The nice thing about Scroll Sawing is that even a Disabled person, like myself, can make something like these. It my take a lot longerbecause I can't work at it for any more than an hour at a time at most.
Red Oak and Black CherryRed Oak and MapleBlack Walnut and Black CherryBlack Walnut and MapleBlack Walnut and Red Maple Patriotic Eagle Wind Chime. Made with solid 3/8th inch laun
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Memorial to 09-11-2001 Wall Plaque. Black Walnut with Red Maple lettering. Holding Three 1oz. Silver Rounds Honoring the Victims, Heroes and Places of 09-11-2001
Fireman, Police, and Man's BEST Friend-Search and Rescue Dogs.
The Twin Towers.The Pentagon. Patriotic Eagle, Flag Stand
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