Building A Ukulele from a semi complete kit.
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This is a completely solid wood Ukulele. Acacia wood Body & peg head overlay, with a solid East Indian Rosewood fret board , saddle, bridge, and nut. Ukulele.
I've just installed the fret wire, filed the edges smooth and glued the fret board to the neck.
I've also modified the lower end of the fret board with a scroll.
These picture the beautiful figure of the Acacia wood. Note: These pictures are taken before any finish has been applied.
The bridge is just sitting on the Uke. Bridge, saddle, and nut, as well as the fret board are solid East Indian Rosewood.
I've made a paper label on the computer and printed with acid free paper.
It's difficult to see, but the back is arched!
Neck attached:. I added 1 maple dowel to the neck joint, give the neck more support.
Fret board glued to the body along with the doweled and glued neck heel. Bridge placement is covered with tape, waiting on the clear finish.
The Rosewood nut is glued in place with tape holding it until glue sets.
Nearing final finish.
I've used StewMac's ColorTone brushing varnish due to the cold temperatures now. Brings out the Figure of the wood very well. This a natural clear finish. I did use a Black water based grain filler on the neck.
Set up with New Grover Sta-Tite tuners and Ko'olau gold strings. Sounds great!!
Clich Here to hear me Playing this ukulele: DarkTown Strutters' Ball.