My 1930 Vega Pro. Neck Restoration
Or: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Pretty!
The "Good"
New "Hot Rod" from "Stew Mac"
Tools I used to remove Fret Board and Slot Neck.
The Slot Routed Into Neck
Saw Dust from Neck and Jig
End Hole for Adjusting Nut on "Hot Rod"
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I guess I should say the reason I wanted to re-do the neck: In a nut shell, it just developed a forward bow--thats it!! The 1st fret and the 22nd fret were higher then the 10th fret--a lot higher. So I wanted to fix this condition and see to it, it never happened again. Vega built this neck with three pieces of wood. They never used a truss rod, back in the day. So I put one in and made it adjustable from the heel rather then the peg head, because I didn't want it to look like there was a truss rod by using a cover plate on the peg head.