Vega Pro. Restoration continued.
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Here's everything I'm going to need to complete this neck. Fret Wire, Binding, New Tuners.

Notice the Vega Fret Board--BIG Thanks to Vinnie at "Banjo Haven"

Here's the neck all ready for the fret board; resting on the Caul I made, along with my clamping board.
This is a shot of the bottom side of the Ebony Fret Board--all cleaned and ready, and the neck-- all defects filled and also ready to receive the Fret Board.
These shots are of the "Hot Rod" adjusting nut and how to adjust it. I decided to go with the 1/8 inch Allen wrench method.
This a shot of the "Hot Rod" adjusting Block seated in the cavity. This is the Heal end.
Here the glue is applied to the neck and over 3/4 inch binding tape down the center covering the "Hot Rod".
Here the tape is removed--ready to clamp the fret board to it.
Here is the neck & Fret Board clamped together. I made the Caul on the bottom just for this neck.