1930 Vega Pro. Restoration
All finished!! Well almost. It still needs a few more coates of lacquer and buffed, but until the weather gets warmer this will work.
I decided to paint the floral leafs green, and I wanted a burst effect with ebonized peg head and back of neck.
For whatever reason? I sure had a tough time getting these pictures to come out! Not enough or to much light.
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Since this banjo was made back in 1930 it would have had a skin head for sure. Vega nor any of the other makers at that time designed banjos for plastic heads--they weren't invented yet! This banjo has what I would call a shallow resonator. This I suspect was to help project the sound of the duller skin head.

I have it set up for now, tuned: D,A,C#,E with the action low and the string gauges are: 11, 14, 17, 26wound. Stainless Steel. 1/2 inch bridge. Plastic head.

I replaced the "Grover's" with "5 Star" tuners then modified the 5 Star shafts to accept the original "ivoroid" buttons. Looks good to me.
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How this Banjo looked before this restoration Click Here!
Click Here To Play: "Whispering"
Changed String Gauges Again to: 9, 12, 16, 30w. Didn't like the way the 26w & 24w were slapping around!! Tuned: D,A,C#,E. With "Remo" Underside Frosted Head.
And To Think! This Guy Calls that Music!!
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