Click to hear me playing: "Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland". Playing this Vega Vox III Plectrum Banjo.
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1969 Vega Vox III Plectrum Banjo. Made in Needham Heights, Massachusetts.
Gold Plated Flange and Top Tension, Tension Hoop. Also a calf skin banjo head. Ebony fret board with deeply engraved MOP inlays. Oettenger style tailpiece.
All Maple construction. Sunburst original finish.
Original Tub-A-Phone Tone Ring.
Vox Deep Resonator, with Maple wood inlay Strips.
Painted Plastic Vox Peg Head and Truss Rod cover.
Once again, the side of the Resonator
Coordinator Rods.
Above & Below: Deeply engraved Crown inlays--Note that they did not use a CNC machine to inlay the MOP!!
Center Stripe and Gold plated Tuners.
Deeply engraved Vega Crown Style MOP Inlays. I replaced all frets and made & installed a new bone Nut.