A Little Wood: For the Shell and Neck.
A Lathe turned Shell and A Machined Wooden neck with several types of wood. Bone for the Nut and wire for the frets. Maybe some Mother of Pearl for an added touch?
A lot of Machined Metal Parts: Like a Tone Ring.
This Tubaphone Tone Ring is upside down in this picture. The numbers scratched into it by the maker match the numbers on the shell and neck.
A Shoe Bracket Band: To fit the Wooden Shell Circumference.
A Tension Band: To fit on top of the Tone Ring and the head (Plastic or Skin).
Various Machined Metal Parts: Like Hooks, Nuts, Rim Stick Bolt, Tail Piece, Rim Stick Lock-Adjuster, Rim Stick Ferule Key to adjust Nuts, Maybe an Arm Support and Maybe some other Metal Parts?
The Mic. is set at 250= 1/4"
Add a Metal Flange and a Resonator if you like!
Did I mention Tuning Machines, Plastic Or Skin Banjo Heads and Strings?
Put it all together and you get a Banjo!
1915 Fairbanks by Vega
The Most Important Part of the Banjo is YOU!

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