Plectrum Banjo Tips
Disclaimer: This page contains information and or pictures that are used to express my opinion only. Others will have their own opinions as to their likes and dislikes. In order to get the most from your Banjo experience I recommend getting as many ideas as possible from as many sources and trying them for yourself!
Methods I use to hold the Flat Pick
"Fingers Down" on Banjo Head (More Control). My Hand is not resting on the Bridge.
"Fingers Up"--Louder less Control
I like to use "Fast Fret" It keeps the strings clean and lubricated
Clayton, Dunlop, Dunlop Triangle
I like these picks best: Clayton gives "Brighter" sound and wears the longest. Dunlop: Sounds very good and wears good. Dunlop Triangle: same as regular but can be used on three points. Good for switching from "Fingers Down" style to "Fingers up" style
Need A Metronome? Just Click it! for a Free PC version!
This is my favorite Tuner just clip it on your instruments "peghead", pick a string, and it tells you when your in tune!
The Intellitouch Tuner
"Chord Wizard"
Try a Calfskin
I've registered this program and think it's Great! Just pick your string instrument and it shows you all of the chords!---Down side is : it only goes up to the 19th fret. I've been told by the company that they will release a new version sometime? With 22 or more frets. This program also shows Music Theory, scales, chord make up, Circle of Fifths, Etc. Easy to use.
On the Left there are three types of "Mutes" I've used. The Top one is a simple metal mute I picked up at a local Music store: works good but falls off most of the time! Middle one is a nice chrome model I bought from "Elderly Instruments": Great doesn't fall off but you have to loosen and tighten the two screws every time you want to move it. Bottom one I got from "Richelieu Banjos": Best of the lot! Easy to use: just roll into position.
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Universal String Tension Calculator

Use this handy tool to find out how much tension each string or all strings place on the neck of your instrument! This was set up for all string instruments/ with most string gauges listed.

Credit for this program: Doug Dieter
Kennaquhair Stringed Instruments


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This is the sound your "fingers down" make while executing a Tremolo. This is a sensitive recording and I am pressing down more then normal just to illustrate the difference between "fingers up" & "fingers down".
Here's a little demonstration of the "Fingers up" Style tremolo.