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Be sure to check out my 18" diameter un mounted calf skins Here
Click on any picture to see larger.
I don't like the looks of the skin at the lower left of the picture. So I'll re do seating it.
Skin all pulled under the Tension Hoop and starting to add some hooks.
All Finished! Rick at Bernunzio Vintage Instruments reccomended I not trim the skin untill I'm sure everything is ok. He said I could always re wet the head and try again if I don't trim.
My Hi Tech 2002 model Calf Skin Drier!
After Drying for about an hour, I think it's ok to trim..Click on this Picture to see it larger.
I couldn't have done this without the help of Vinnie Mondello.
I followed his web site Illustrations while doing all this! Thanks Vinnie!!
I Can't Wait To Hear How This New Calf Skin Head Sounds!
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