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Closer look at Calf Skin Head. Also a 1/2" Ebony top Bridge.
All Finished and Set Up!
The Remo underside frosted 10 15/16" Head I replaced is on the right behind the Vega.
I sanded the top where my fingers slide when playing, to quiet the sound of rubbing. I used #320 sand paper. The small piece I used is shown bottom right on table.
See and Hear this Banjo before the Calf Skin Banjo Head was installed!
Here it is! Me playing"I'll See you in my Dreams" on my 1930 Vegaphone Professional with A Calf Skin Head!
This a Real File, you need the latest version of Real Player to hear this. Get it FREE here.
I let it settle in for a couple of days, then re-tightened it. I like the sound very much--it seems to me that more music is coming from the banjo now! There is louder finger rubbing noise now, but I don't mind it. I think it will get quieter after it's been played for awhile?
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