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My Name Is Bill And This Entire Web Site Is Dedicated To The Advancement Of The 4 String Banjo, More Commonly Called Plectrum And Tenor Banjos. Plectrum Banjos Having A 22 Fret Neck With Standard Tuning CGBD. Tenor Banjos Having Either A 17 Or 19 Fret Neck With Standard Tuning CGDA.
Be sure to Visit My Site IndexSkip to main content the university of sydney - faculty of veterinary science faculty of veterinary science university home contacts home / lida / lida cats / disorder - gangliosidosis, gm2 lida lida cats lida dogs lida cats inherited disorders by breed by organ system endorsements links contributors cat breed images veterinary practices contact us disorder - gangliosidosis, gm2 organ systems involved nervous/sensory alternative disorders described within lida fucosidosis, alpha; gangliosidosis, gm1; gangliosidosis, gm2a deficiency; glycogen storage disease ii; glycogen storage disease iv; krabbe disease; mannosidosis, alpha; mucolipidosis ii; mucopolysaccharidosis i; mucopolysaccharidosis vi; mucopolysaccharidosis vii; neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis; ceroid lipofuscinosis; niemann-pick disease, type c alternative names gangliosidosis; tay-sachs disease (gangliosidosis gm2 variant b); sandhoff disease (gangliosidosis gm2 variant 0); gangliosidosis gm2, gm2a deficiency (gangliosidosis gm2 variant ab) presenting signs gangliosidosis gm2 occurs in cats that have a deficiency of a chemical (? -hexosaminidase) required to break down a material called gm2 ganglioside in cell walls. This deficiency causes gm2 ganglioside and other substances to build up within cells, causing irreversible cell damage. The damage happens particularly in cells in the brain, spinal cord and nerve roots. At first, cats may display head tremors, a high-stepping gait and excess production of tears. As the disease progresses cats may display tremors all over, lose their vision and mobility, have trouble eating, drinking and urinating, become excessively startled by sounds, seizure and lose their ability to maintain body heat. Liver enlargement may also occur in one variant of this disorder. Ultimately the disease is fatal. Cats at risk cats with a family history of gangliosidosis gm2 are at a high risk of developing this disease. Clinical signs of gangliosidosis gm2 variants b and a usually emerge at one to two months of age, with survival to six to 11months of age. viagra super active what is prices viagra vs viagra viagra lilly canada viagra kopen in belgie Slightly older cats are at risk of developing variant ab, with onset of clinical signs reported at four to six months of age. There is no correlation between gender and development of gangliosidosis gm2. Breeds affected korat treatment none: treatment is aimed at making cats comfortable by treating symptoms of the disease e. G. Providing warmth, until the severity of the disease necessitates euthanasia. Pubmed references gangliosidosis, gm2 contributor rosemary cuming © 2002-10 the univ. for access to the entire site!
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Pictured at 1 year. Sunny is now 3 yrs old Backup Vocal & Bells on my recordings!
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Beautiful dusk photo of Altenburg Castle, Bamberg Germany
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Playing 1930 Vegaphone Plectrum with Calf skin Head Or how it may have sounded if recorded in 1930 and played today: St. Louis Blues/78rpm
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